“Stirling Harmston provided professional and client focussed assistance in developing Covid-19 protocols and teaching videos for our non-profit. They took the time to understand our core values, mission and desired outcomes and helped us develop practical written and teaching protocols that fit our needs. We highly recommend them.” – Dell – midsize NGO

03 June 2020
‘Protecting Security Workforces from CV19 and Pandemic Risks’ 

“Jenny Harmston – a great speaker with tremendous experience” – Gerard Ellis

“Webinar was very interesting! Got more knowledge” – Svetlana Forsova

“Another very useful and informative webinar, many thanks to all involved” – Satia Rai

“Webinar are a great platform to share information” – Maitseo Pelaelo

“Very informative webinar” – Stuart Naisbett

“A better understanding of COVID 19, fully achieved” – Stuart Naisbett


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