Jennie Harmston

Jennie Harmston is a Director in the Stirling Harmston Public Heath Consultancy firm for Global Public Health. A graduate from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK and the University of Southampton 

A trained NHS nurse with international experience in working in Cambodia, India, Saudi Arabia and the UK. 

Prior to becoming a consultant, she worked in the NHS as a senior nurse, in the Department of Health UK, developing and implementing policies to improve health outcomes for children and young people, Home Office UK developing and delivering educational programmes on substance misuse for children and young people.

Areas of experience include work during Pandemic Outbreaks: Clinical Lead during HINI Pandemic (2009) and Clinical Advisor during MERS -CoV 2012.  Experienced in risk management including systematic and serious case reviews in morbidity and mortality, to identifying potential causes and effects to change national policy to reduce future deaths. 




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Ferrill J., Sundburg K., Stirling B., and Harmston J. (2014). Contemporary threats of infectious disease pandemic and bioterrorism: An underestimated risk to aviation, border control and National Security. AIPIO Journal, August 2014.

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