2012 MERS Prevention Program – Government of Saudi Arabia
Worked to prevent MERS coronavirus by developing procedures, plans and educational materials to guide hospitals, universities and for nurses and doctors.

Mass Gathering Disease Prevention Plan – Government of Saudi Arabia
Developed and enacted a mass gathering plan for both MERS-CoV and Ebola Virus. Despite 2 million people gathering together from all over the world, there were no cases of MERS-CoV or Ebola virus transmitted at Haj.

Stirling Harmston has prepared policy frameworks, assessed policies, provided walk-through surveys, and conducted education programs (face-to-face, synchronous learning, and voice-over presentations) for NGOs and businesses in the communications, financial, manufacturing and health industries. Can we split these up and be specific?

Ongoing Consulting
Our company has on-going contracts for consulting and guidance on public health issues, including infectious disease control. Who? What did we do for them exactly?

Community of best practice and self assessment tools for Churches
We have developed innovative tools and communities of best practice to improve infectious disease control for Churches.

Partnership with National Microbiological Laboratory
We have teamed up with the National Microbiological Laboratory, virologists, bio-engineers and medical microbiologists in several countries to propose studies to better understand coronavirus aerosolization and how to better differentiate between animal, endemic human and novel coronaviruses.

International Collaborations for Infectious Disease Control
We have teamed up with diagnostic test manufacturers and medical device manufacturers to propose to develop a novel COVID test with a reader that can be used in lower and middle income countries (LMICs). This proposal also commits to providing more than 50 million tests to people in LMICs.