Infectious Disease Environment Assesment Stirling Harmstrom

Make your workplace safer with a COVID-19 Self Assessment

Workplace Application for Safety and Health Infectious Disease Mitigation

Our team of Public Health specialists and software developers have created a self-assessment tool with a range of questions designed to prepare the workplace and the workforce to get back to work.

This self-assessment is based on international and national health and safety (HSE) advice, Government guidance, current research, and evidence-based practice. Infectious control measures now need to be standard practice in the workplace. 

The WASH self-assessment has 7 areas of controls, each with a range of questions. Each answer is scored, and the final report shows a score card with a RAG (red, amber and green) rating, as well as guidance for improvement on each of the 7 control areas.

This quality assurance tool is easy to use. This model of safety is currently used in other areas of risk, such as security.

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