Help keep your church safe with ARCC

This is a time of compassion, like no other in our lifetime. It has been a time when everyone in our community has had to adapt and make significant changes to their behaviour. Now like never before we recognise how we can impact each other’s lives.

By joining our Application to Reduce Communicable diseases in Churches (ARCC) you will have access to our Risk Assessment Tool and be able to link with other church leaders throughout the world in our virtual Community of Best Practice for Church Leaders. This forum is moderated by world renown public health experts and offers opportunities to ‘ask the expert’ questions you may have about keeping your church community safer.

We have worked in several pandemics and epidemics throughout the world and was developed by world renowned epidemiologists and public health specialists to assist churches in making difficult decisions in the times of outbreaks of infectious disease.

The online tools offers a report to help you assess your church’s level of risk and make informed decisions to keep people safer as you re-open or assess the wisdom in doing so.

The tool is based on the latest evidence that has been reviewed and tested by physicians, nurses, and other health professionals who understand infection control and who prayerfully considered their guidance for churches during this difficult time. This ARCC has been tested and commended by church leaders.

Commonly asked questions

Who is this for?

We are inviting churches of all denominations to join ARCC, with the intent of helping to protect the people they serve. Our tools and community of best practice address the shared challenges faced by all religious communities to control the spread of infectious diseases.

What is a Community of Best Practice (CBP)?

A CBP is an on-line moderated forum where people gather to share and learn from experts and each other about a specific topic. Members of the CBP can post questions and have answers provided by public health experts and epidemiologists. Members of the CBP are encouraged to share their challenges and their ideas about keeping their communities safe. The CBP is also a great way to stay informed about advancements in the latest research and how news impacts your community. For instance, when a vaccination programme in your area is being implemented, the CBP will discuss what it means for your communitiy, and you’ll be in a better position to make informed decisions in the face of a changing situation.

What is a Risk Assessment Tool?

A risk assessment tool helps quantify the chances of an infectious event occurring. There is no way to eliminate all risk in the midst of a pandemic, but we can use scientific evidence to introduce effective controls that can effectively mitigate against the risk that is there. Some simple changes can sometimes have a large impact on the risk of infectious disease transmission.